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How rich is Putin? With a monthly salary of 11,329 dollars and a net worth?

How rich is Putin? With the development of the Ukrainian-Russian War, Putin’s personality, wealth and history of fortune have attracted more and more attention.
However, European and American governments and mainstream media believe that it is not easy to verify Putin’s real property as if it were a monolith.
Why is it so difficult to verify Putin’s possessions?

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Editorial: ASEAN can be more proactive in helping Myanmar ease the situation

The United Nations Security Council issued a statement on March 10, strongly condemning the Myanmar military’s suppression of demonstrators, including women, young people, and children, and calling on the military to exercise restraint. The United States also announced additional sanctions, imposing economic sanctions on the two children of Min Anglai, commander-in-chief of the National Defense Forces, and the six companies they control. Secretary of State Blincoln warned that more sanctions will be imposed on Myanmar.

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