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Who destroyed a superstar? The perpetrators came out to apologize

“New York Times” recently launched the documentary “Framing Britney Spears” (Framing Britney Spears), which caused great repercussions. The film tells how Britney Spears, a generation of American singer-songwriters, was surrounded by negative news by “American sweethearts”, and was burdened by the painful truth for 13 years, which triggered criticism from the media for inappropriate treatment of stars, causing them to bear pressure that outsiders could not understand. .

After the documentary was put on the shelves, it not only attracted the support of fans, but also received support from many singers. People saw important media or figures successively apologize to Britney.

The documentary pointed out that Britney’s old love, Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake), was interviewed many times to expose their affair during the dating, and used her to make hype and get into trouble, and lead the media to hurt her. Timberlake, who has recently been caught in a public controversy, issued an apology for this: “I am deeply sorry for the problems, the wrong words, or the failure to speak correctly due to my behavior at the time. I know that I have not done well many times. And benefit from a system that tolerates discrimination against women and racism.”

British magazine “Glamour” and “Glamour” publicly apologized on IG, and left a message saying: “We are all to blame for what happened to Britney Spears. Although we did not directly cause her downfall, we are part of it. We Try to make up for this.”

There are also TV news anchors, reporters, columnists, comedians, and a host of big coffee hosts on nightly talk shows. They are all accused of having consumed Britney Spears. They either severely forced a confession to her or tried to ridicule her.

The New York Times used this documentary to examine itself and apologize to Britney to let the outside world know that a female singer who was originally the world’s highest-selling female singer in the 21st century, the youngest female diamond-level record-selling female singer ever, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame was the most famous. The truth behind the young female singer who suddenly fell from the altar.

Fame: popular and discredited

Britney was born in a small town in Mississippi in the southern United States in 1981. She has been singing on various TV talent shows since she was a child. When she was 10 years old, after a performance, the host on stage teased her: “You have very beautiful eyes, do you have a boyfriend?”

Britney, who was not very good at parrying, replied: “Not yet, sir…They are all bad.”

The host teased again: “I’m not bad, how about me?” The audience was amused.

This innocent joke actually confirmed Britney’s later fame days. While many people pay attention to her music, it seems that more people gossiping about her emotional life.

In 1999, the 17-year-old Britney won the first place in the rankings with a song “Baby One More Time” (Baby One More Time), setting the record for the youngest age in one fell swoop. From then on, she was broadcast on TV, talked about her on the radio, and magazines wrote about her… She was the most popular singer in the United States at that time.

Britney’s best-selling records released over the years
Britney’s best-selling records released over the years

However, wearing a mini skirt, belly button outfit, and squandering her youthful breath, she lived in an era when US President Clinton was involved in the Lewinsky sex scandal. Many people regarded all sexual cues as sensitive. , The parents thought that she was showing offensive sex, complaining and protesting to the record company and the media.

Later, she broke up with Timberlake, but he alluded to her derailment in the next song, causing many people to sympathize with him and blame her, launching an overwhelming attack and humiliation against her.

In 2003, the 22-year-old Britney was interviewed on “Primetime Thursday” (Primetime Thursday). The reporter asked her reproachfully about her changes, asking her to answer what she had done to her ex-boyfriend to hurt him. The wife of the governor of Maryland was also quoted: “If there is a chance, she will shoot her.”

Facing the turbulent malice, Britney burst into tears for the first time in front of the camera. She asked the camera not to shoot again, but she was still caught in an embarrassed side by the camera.

The slut’s label was sitting on Britney like this, unable to tear it off. The media endlessly wanted to dig up her black material, and various gossip magazines bid millions of dollars for her photos, which attracted countless paparazzi to take pictures of her endlessly. Coupled with the rise of social media, celebrities are being targeted and monitored. At the same time, the outside world’s experience with Britney, including her two marriages-which lasted only 55 hours and 3 years-respectively, obviously lacks empathy. Her most popular song at the time was called “Toxic” (Toxic), sang it to the streets, it seems that it can be interpreted as bad treatment of the outside world.

Counterattack: Shave your hair!

Finally, in 2007, Britney couldn’t stand it anymore. She walked into a barber shop in full view and asked to shave her hair. The barber was stunned on the spot. I saw that she picked up the hair scalpel and shaved off the locks of her hair. The scene of her headless and smashing the car out of control was also circulated due to widespread reports.

ritney makes two amazing moves: shave her head, then smash the car! 
(File photo)

In the next few years, various tabloid headlines and TV talk shows used her as a laughing stock because she felt “she is sick”.

In 2008, in anticipation of the outside world, she was sent for a psychiatric diagnosis. After undergoing multiple treatments, the court finally appointed her father as guardian. Britney Spears, who is only 27 years old and in his prime, is like an elderly person with dementia, everything is supervised by her father.

In the first few years, her condition did improve. She resumed work one after another, and with the rise of social media, she often shared with her children online. As seen by the outside world, she is no longer completely controlled by the media. Everyone can hear her directly, and see a girl who once collapsed in front of the whole world, gradually regaining her smile, and her life returning to normal bit by bit.

However, in this world, there are some people who suspect that Britney Spears is not really happy, but deliberately showing. They studied each of her posts to find out the hidden black material. Some people use it as a gimmick and become a podcast. As long as her post was a little unclear, they inferred that she was calling for help.

Help: Being under house arrest by his father?

Finally last year, small things turned into big things. Britney’s 13-year-old son, Jayden, cursed his grandfather for greedy money during the live broadcast. Someone left a message “I want to kill your grandpa”, but he actually replied “Me too”. This information quickly became a hot search, and then his account was closed.

For a while, Britney’s father all kinds of black materials that were difficult to distinguish between true and false were picked up. It is remembered that she once said in an interview that she “does not want her father to be a guardian” as evidence that she could not live under free will. Then unidentified revelations from all directions finally created a “Free Britney Spears” movement sweeping the United States, from online to offline. Everyone believes that Britney’s father used a loophole in the law to treat his daughter as a cash cow, and then used the name of guardianship to control her mentally.

"Free Britney" became a social movement.
“Free Britney” became a social movement. 

Britney’s father had to fight back, accusing the movement of being a joke and conspiracy theorists’ nonsense. But he was completely unable to stop the power of smearing. Some people lamented that more than ten years later, Britney had once again “feeded” the media with her life.

Some media sources pointed out that “Who Framed Britney Spears” on the surface strives to be objective and truthful, but while showing sympathy for Britney Spears, it pointed the finger at her father and triggered a new round of online violence.

Netizens believed that Britney was under house arrest by her father
Netizens believed that Britney was under house arrest by her father (above) based on a large number of stare photos of the same paragraph posted on the Internet (bottom). 

Based solely on the two points of father-daughter discord and Britney’s opposition to custody, it seems to have crossed the line to make a fuss about his father’s spiritual imprisonment of his daughter. What’s sighing is that this is an era of “doubts are always there”. When everyone sees “potential” wrongdoers, they attack them in groups. Who cares about the truth? The netizens who attacked her father today in the name of “freeing Britney” are probably the ones who surrounded her back then.

When will this gritted teeth search for “justice” continue to burn? Anyway, rumors continue to overflow between the truth and the false, and the public is still eager to discuss it. Maybe you have to wait for the last Britney to fall, or the next Britney to be born, there will be a day of rest.

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