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The United Nations warns the Burmese army may commit “crimes against humanity” and the UK persuades the British in Burma to flee

After a UN expert warned that the Burmese military government might commit “crimes against humanity” while trying to stay in power, the United Kingdom on Friday (12th) urged the British to flee Myanmar.

According to Agence France-Presse, according to the top UN human rights expert, the Myanmar military authorities are cracking down on the daily demonstrations against the February 1 coup d’état, and at least 70 people have died.

The turmoil prompted Britain, the former colonial ruler of Burma, to urge the British to flee Burma if they can. Britain warned them: “Political tension and turmoil are spreading because military takeovers and the level of violence are rising.”

The British Foreign Office said: “The Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development recommends that British nationals leave the country on a commercial basis unless there is an urgent need for residence.”

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar, Thomas Andrews, had previously made a clear assessment of the crisis. Andrews told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that Myanmar “is under the control of a murderous and illegal regime”, which is likely to commit “crimes against humanity.” Andrews said that these crimes are likely to include “murder, enforced disappearance, persecution, and torture.” These actions were carried out under the “knowledge of senior leaders” including the military government leader Min Aung Hlaing. .

He emphasized that such crimes can only be determined in court, but he said that there is clear evidence that the military government’s crimes are “spreading” and are part of a “coordinated movement.”

At least nine demonstrators were killed across Myanmar on Thursday. Six of them were killed in the town of Myaing in central Myanmar. According to witnesses, five of them were shot in the head.

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