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Robert Downey Jr. “Doolittle” shortlisted for six Golden Berry Awards

The finalists for the 93rd Oscars were announced today, and the finalists for the 41st Golden Raspberry Awards were announced the day before yesterday. “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. (Little Robert Downey) launched “Dolittle” last year, the evaluation and box office were not satisfactory. The Rotten Tomatoes film review website only had 14% freshness and was included in the list of this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards. Nominated for the worst film, actor, screen combination, and other six awards, it can be called a “big winner”!

This year’s list of finalists can be said to be big names, including Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway) was nominated as the worst girl for “The Last Thing He Wanted” and “The Witches” Protagonist; Chinese actress Maggie Q was shortlisted for the worst female partner with “Fantasy Island”. Surprisingly, “Wonder Woman 1984” (Wonder Woman 1984) was also shortlisted for the worst sequel and supporting actress. “Superwoman 1984″ is a rare superhero movie that can be released smoothly during the epidemic. The audience originally had high hopes, but they were scolded. The audience generally thought that the plot logic was blind and the fighting was not enough. The new villain appeared on the stage.” “Leopard Girl” lacks charm. Sure enough, Kristen Wiig, who played “Leopard Girl”, was shortlisted for the worst supporting actress. She helped the heroine Gal Gadot (Gal Gadot) block a lot of gunfire.

“Music”, which was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for Best Picture and Actress this year, was also nominated for the Golden Berry Awards for Worst Picture, Actress and Director Awards; also named “Hillbilly Elegy” as a finalist. The ball supporting actress Glenn Close (Glen Cross) was nominated as the worst supporting actress. The Polish erotic film “365 Days” (365 Days), which has set off a Netflix viewing boom, was shortlisted for the worst film, actor and actress, and script.

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