Elimination of Yemeni Ansarullah from US’s list of “terrorist” organizations

Yemeni Ansar al-Islam will be removed from the list of “foreign terrorist” organizations on Tuesday (February 16th), US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Friday night, according to UNICEF.

The State Department spokesman, however, stated that the Biden administration’s goal is to reduce the human consequences of Ansarullah’s “terrorist” sanctions. “We have heeded the warnings of the United Nations, humanitarian groups and members of both parties in Congress, including that calling the Houthis terrorists could have a devastating effect on Yemenis’ access to basic goods such as food and fuel,” he added.

Anthony Blinken also spoke about the continuation of the boycott of Ansar al-Islam leaders, who play a key role in the Yemeni crisis negotiations, and added: Threatens the peace, security, or stability of Yemen.

“The United States, along with the United Nations and other nations, is redoubled its efforts to end the war,” he said. “We emphasize our strong belief that there is no military solution to this conflict.”

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