Britney Spear Announces Pregnancy
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Popstar Britney Spears is expecting her third child

Britney Spears announced that she is pregnant with fitness trainer fiance Sam Asghari’s child. This is Britney’s third child, and she has two sons, 16 and 15, with her second dancer ex-husband Kevin Federline.

40-year-old Britney posted on IG that she had lost a lot of weight after a trip to Maui, but she suddenly regained her weight recently. At first, she thought it was a stomach problem and complained to her fiancé. , the fiancé smiled and replied: “You have an appetite for pregnant women, fool.” She only found out that she was pregnant after a pregnancy test, and because her appetite was getting better and better, she couldn’t help but wonder if it might be twins, between the lines Showing the joy of being a mother again. She also expressed her determination to be herself happily during this pregnancy, do yoga every day, and continue to share joy and love with everyone.

Britney has been in a relationship with Asgari, who is 12 years younger, for more than six years, but she was stuck under her father’s supervision, preventing her from remarrying smoothly. He got engaged to Asgari in September, not long after he got rid of his father’s 13-year supervision last year and regained his US$60 million of property autonomy.

Britney has had two marriages in the past. In 2004, she married her childhood playmate Jason Allen Alexander, but then regretted it and divorced within three days; in October of the same year, she married Kevin Federline again. Married, but ended the marriage in 2007 after giving birth to two children.

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