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Point Wisdom: Why Hurry

Master Xingyun said: Mr. Zhu Ziqing, a modern Chinese writer, has an essay titled “Hurry”. At the beginning, he wrote: “The swallows go, there will be times when they will come again; when the willows are withered, there will be times when they will be green again; When opening. But, wise, you tell me why our days are gone forever?-Someone stole them: Who was it? Where did they hide? They escaped by themselves. : Where are you now?”

And at the end of the article, he wrote: “…The past days are like light smoke, blown away by the breeze, like mist, melted by the first sun; what traces did I leave? How did I stay? With traces like gossamer? I came into this world naked, and I will go back naked in a blink of an eye? But it can’t be flat. Why should I go for nothing? You are smart, tell me, why are our days? Gone forever?”

The article is unforgettable for a long time after reading. Especially the content of this part: “The swallows have gone, and there will be times when they will come again; the willows have withered, and there will be times when they will be green again; when the peach trees have died, there will be times when they will open again… But, wise you, tell me, our Why are the days gone forever?” It is indeed intriguing.


In our society, what else is there to rush? Four points to share:

1. Favors: The good or bad of the favors, the gathering and dispersing are also in a hurry. Some people immediately become close friends as soon as they see it; some friends who have been friends for many years turn into enmity after a joke, and stop contacting each other. How rushed! Especially when we are used by others, we pay attention and care with every possible care; if we are not used by others, we are seen as obstacles in front of our eyes. The warmth of human feelings and the coldness of the world are especially lamentable, but we have to accept it.

2. Name: Life is a lot of hardships, in order to obtain a name and a status, but the personnel power has been rotated several times, and the name is so hasty for us! In the history of China, the Ming Dynasty, which was less than 300 years old from Guo Zuo, had sixteen emperors before and after. Therefore, we have to deal with fame indifferently.

3. Opportunities: Everyone hopes that their own opportunities will be better than others, that they will have more opportunities to make a fortune and success in their careers, and also have more opportunities to meet noble people. However, the opportunity is also in an instant. When the cause and destiny are sufficient, the opportunity will come to you by itself; if the cause and destiny are not available, you have to look for the opportunity, but you can’t find it. So the opportunity is so hurried for us.

4. Fate: Since there is a fate to meet, but like A and B, when they meet on the north-south road, they are scattered in a hurry. Parents, brothers and sisters, are they destined? But how long can fate last? When life is parting, I can only sigh that fate is in a hurry. A lover finally becomes a family member, working hard, and finally a good relationship; unfortunately, God has no eyes. When a lover has a broken heart, how can we not be sentimental and fate in a hurry? Therefore, we must form a good relationship. The relationship must be deep, thick, long, and long.


However, the sense of rush is most appropriate for life. Some lives have just been born, have not yet seen the world, and will soon end. Some people have great ambitions since they were young, and work hard, hoping to contribute to the country and society in the future. It was hard to grow up. At the right age of high spirits, but too late to display his ambitions, he died young, which is a sigh.

Human life does not necessarily live to one hundred or eight hundred years old, but lies in the word “cherish” to see what we have made while we are alive, because time is life. Everything in the world is in a hurry. The point is that we still grasp the time and reality honestly, no matter how hurry it is, I am still the same!

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