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Point of wisdom: fifty cents of a beggar

“It’s the story of the brand…”

Once, I learned that the believer Lai Weizheng’s trade has been successful in Europe, so I wrote a calligraphy-“Brand” for him. His disappointed expression seemed to tell me, why not praise his character, and just talk about the “brand” of his goods? In order to eliminate the regret in his heart, I told him a story: a boss opened a new consulting company, and no customers came to his door for two weeks. Finally, a sloppy man who claimed to be the beggar came to the door. The beggar asked his boss for advice on how to make a fortune. The boss couldn’t believe it, and finally accepted the beggar’s request.

The boss told Beggar: “As long as someone wants to give you money in the future, you will only charge 50 cents. If that person gives you a dollar, you can ask him for 50 cents. You can never ask for more.” Beggar found it unbelievable, the boss told Him, this is the strategy: “If you only charge fifty cents, people will be curious that a beggar is so characterful!”

After returning, Beggar followed the instructions of the boss, really curious about the distance, how could there be a beggar for only fifty cents? This caused this person to give fifty cents and that person gave fifty cents. After a few months, the boss of the consulting company wanted to find Beggar, but only another beggar was found. The beggar said that Beggar 1 is a master! The apprentice also said: “The master went to the department store to open a shop’. He is now rich, but the master said that this place has a brand and the location is very good. He asked me to take his place and stay here to ask for money.”

At this time, I learned that no matter what business you do, “brand” is the most important thing. After he heard this, he was full of joy and asked me to write a few more “brands” for him, so as to give to his friends.

Of course, the story of a beggar is just a story. In short, no matter what people, things, or words, you need a “brand”.


The four-dimensional and eight virtues of Confucianism can become a brand, and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism can also become our brand. The ones listed here can also become brands:

1. Diligence: Diligence is everyone’s most important brand. The boss will not be willing to invite people who are lazy and delicious to work. Therefore, a brand that works hard is very important.

2. Gentleness: If a person has a strong temperament and is good at fighting with others, it is difficult to work with colleagues. Therefore, gentleness and no contention is a brand that leaders value.

3. Modesty : A working person must have self-confidence, but not arrogance; no matter how talented an arrogant person is, it is not easy to be accepted by others.

4. Optimism: Being a human being is most afraid of being sad every day and spreading sadness and depression to others, so we should use an optimistic and cheerful attitude to interact with others, and then drive the joy of the team.

5. Enthusiasm: People who value the brand should not be selfish. They should be more enthusiastic to others, especially the group. If you help others, they will affirm you, so enthusiastic help will become your successful brand.

6. Credit: Credit is the best brand. A person cannot establish without credibility, and if a person can establish credibility, it is like his own golden sign; how much a person’s value depends on whether he has established a credible brand. If someone speaks without credibility, it can only be deceived for a while, and over time, no one will be willing to have any business dealings with such a person.

Get Angry

Be a person and do things, and don’t “smash” the signboard for two things:

1. Impatience: Impatience is a semi-finished product. It is eager for quick success and instant benefits, but it is often bad because of impatience. Only by developing a patient character can we be competent for big things. One must have perseverance and don’t rush for a while.

2. Anger: This is a drug in the heart. If a person is often irritated, it is not only easy to get sick to the upper body, but also to the upper body. If a person gives the impression of being “bad-tempered,” and aversion is easy to show up, it means that the cultivation skills are not enough, and efforts must be made to improve.

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