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Orchid Herbal Tea

When I was young, my family was in the countryside, and the economic situation was not so good. Rural people are very good at using the resources around them, especially the knowledge of the surrounding vegetation, which is a valuable experience gathered over the years. I sincerely admire my mother’s knowledge of herbal medicine.

In the countryside, every family will grow something in front of and behind the house, either edible vegetables, fruits, or folk medicinal herbs. The dianthus, which likes shade and damp corners, is one of the common plants.

As an ornamental plant, the hyacinth is also good. The purple color on the back of the leaves makes people feel different. The leaf that is about 30 cm long is green when viewed from the top down, and purple when viewed from the far side. The leaves are always straight, unlike the leaves of other plants, which collapse when they are short of water.

Its flowers are the source of its name. The small white flowers grow on the buds that look like little pouches. They are very cute. Generally, the short and short ponchos are like several plants close together, giving people a sense of harmony. On the whole, the pouch orchids in a small garden feel very comfortable.

I couldn’t afford soda before, and there was no bubble tea. When the weather is hot, I drink herbal tea made at home. The herbal tea in my house is full of varieties, sometimes it is bamboo cane and grass root, and sometimes it is horseshoe water. Otherwise, chrysanthemum tea, duck toe grass water, Xiaoshan tiger tea and so on. Generally, the method of making these herbal teas is very simple. The mother who goes out to work every seven and eight mornings will be very relieved to explain, let us cook it, and drink it when she has a lunch break.

Herbal tea made from dianthus orchids often appears in my house. The cooking method is very simple, just a few pouch orchid leaves, plus some plantain or three or two pandan leaves. Cook for an hour and add some rock sugar. The purple tea is very beautiful, there is no special herbal flavor, with a faint pandan leaf scent, it is filled with three or two cups under the heat, and the whole body is immediately relieved.

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