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London Police arrests several protesters, protesting against the murder of 33-year-old woman Evlad by U.K police officer

The British police chief was criticized on Sunday (March 14) for using force to arrest a number of protesting women.

According to reports, thousands of people in Britain poured into Clapham Park in London on Saturday (13th) to protest the murder of a 33-year-old woman by the London police. Protesters and the police broke out in physical clashes. Many women were brutally treated by the police. They were pressed to the ground and put on handcuffs.

The protesters turned on mobile phone flashlights and held signs in support of the murdered 33-year-old woman Evlad. The police rushed into the crowd and took several women away on the grounds of enforcing the epidemic prevention regulations. Photos on the scene showed that several women were handcuffed to the ground.

When the police were taking a man away, they were surrounded by dozens of protesters. The protesters yelled at the police: “You are really shameful. You should go home.” The police were able to leave the scene arm in arm. The Metropolitan Police Department has not announced the number of detainees.

Several British politicians condemned the actions of the police. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of the City of London, said the police’s behavior was “unacceptable.” “Although the police are responsible for implementing the Coronary Disease Regulations, from the scene map I have seen, it is clear that the police’s response is neither appropriate nor appropriate.

On the evening of the 13th, British Home Affairs Minister Patel asked the Metropolitan Police Service to conduct a “comprehensive report” on the case. She wrote on Twitter: “Some videos circulating on the Internet about protesting for the victims are disturbing. I have asked Metropolitan Police to provide a complete report on what happened. “

On the 3rd and 21st, after leaving her friend’s house, Everard planned to walk 50 minutes to return to the apartment where she lived, but disappeared strangely on the way home. On the 10th, Sarah’s body was found in a woodland in Ashford, Kent, England.

The London police said that a British male police officer named Cuzens was suspected of being involved in the case. Then Wien was arrested and appeared in court on charges of kidnapping and murdering Evlad on the 13th.

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