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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Divorce Case Retrial Update

Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard accused each other of domestic violence after their divorce. Amber hit her ex-husband hard on her first day in court. The woman’s lawyer accused Depp of having emotional problems, especially after drinking and taking drugs, the monster in his heart would run out. He once threw a bottle at Amber when he was drunk, and pushed her across the ground full of broken bottles. He attacked and threatened to kill her, even pinning her on the bar, “entering her body with a wine bottle.”

In addition to attacking Depp’s drug and drug abuse, the woman’s lawyer also pointed out that Depp did not want his ex-wife to work, and would control her dress and work. “He began to read her script and did not let her take any sex scenes,” and said Depp accused the woman of “sleeping with every male star she’s ever worked with”.

Facing the accusations of his ex-wife, Depp shook his head in court, apparently disagreeing with the crimes that the woman said, and later denied the accusations through a statement issued by a spokesman, saying that these statements were fictitious and were not included in Amber’s 2016 allegations. appeared, “and she (Amber) has only stated in the column that she was a victim of sexual violence,” arguing that Amber’s claims now have no legal force.

The man’s lawyer admitted that Depp had abused drugs, but denied that he had abused his ex-wife, emphasizing that the woman used the allegations to enhance her reputation and promote her career. In addition, it also pointed out that the woman has serious psychological problems and will manipulate people around her. She “chased” Depp and pretended to be caring at the time, but she did not expect to reveal the true face of violence later, not only throwing things at him, but also hitting him, even The verbal bullying called him a coward.

Depp and Amber got divorced after only one year of marriage. The lawsuits have been entangled for many years. Both parties tried their best to win support. Depp’s image also fell to the bottom and was tragically changed by many movies. On the other hand, Amber’s public opinion She still plays the role of Princess Mera in “Aquaman” as usual, and recently it was revealed that Disney intends to find her to take over the big role of the live-action Rapunzel. It was even reported before that Depp gained about 120 kilograms of fat due to too much pressure. He did swell a lot when he appeared in court to testify, but it was not as fat as the rumors.

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