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“Harry Potter” rumored to play big villain actor Mads Mickelson super excited

Cannes actor Mads Mikkelsen is super excited to play the villain in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore!

The famous Danish actor Mickelson’s “Another Round” won the Academy Award for Best International Film, and he also won the 2012 Cannes Best Actor for “The Hunt”. In an email interview with Magazine, he revealed: “Frankly, super excited. My daughter is a big fan of the Harry Potter universe. I watched some of it with my daughter. I love this universe too, It’s a wonderful and brilliant world that opens doors to creativity and fantasy and pushes boundaries. When you’re dealing with this universe, ideas can go anywhere, so it’s overwhelmingly exciting.”

Like “old friends” with Zedillo

Strange portrays Professor Dumbledore (Jude Law), who realizes that the powerful dark wizard Grindelwald (Mickelson) is trying to wrest control of the wizarding world, so he entrusts the magical zoologist St. Commander (Eddie Redmayne) leads a fine team of wizards, witches and a brave Muggle baker on a dangerous mission.

“Strange” is regarded as a rumor of “Harry Potter”, and the third episode will be launched today, which is also Mickelson’s first appearance. Our first scene is also the first scene in the film, where Dumbledore and Grindelwald talk about their past in a restaurant. There’s mutual respect, mutual love, and mutual fear, so it’s a very interesting scene.” He thought the two were like old friends who knew each other very well, “and there was a trace of bitterness and a whole lot of emotion in it, hardly like a wizard, but just two old friends who were somehow disappointed in each other. Zu Deiro is a lovely, great actor and was lucky to have the first scene with him and it was life, so it was a good start.”

When it comes to his role, Mickelson thinks he’s taken everything for granted since he was a kid, “He’s on the same level as Dumbledore, with equal power and the goal of making the world a better place, but in different ways.” Grind Waugh considered himself virtuous.”

The film is directed by David Yates, Mickelson said: “The director is very open to any idea of ​​the character, he’s done some Harry Potter movies, and it’s clear that he has something special about the universe as a whole. Love.” Mickelson thinks it’s funny even when actors go to parts of the performance that the director may not approve of. “We’d take a few more shots down the road, and the director raved about all the versions. Ultimately, he’d guide us where he wanted to. I love the productive way of working.”

Redmayne’s Crab Dance

Mickelson’s character is dark, and the performance is unforgettable. Redmayne’s physical performance is not far behind, he dances crabs in the cave to escape smoothly, funny and thrilling. He laughed and said that he didn’t know if the first episode started something, but the director thought that he had to do something “special” in every episode. What an embarrassing scene!” He revealed that the crab dance scene was huge, “I had to go around the whole venue, I was so tired, and I was out of breath when I spoke!”

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