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Harry and Meghan’s interview shakes the UK rumored that Buckingham Palace meets urgently, Johnson declined to comment

British Prime Minister Johnson declined to comment on the interview on Monday. However, the largest opposition Labour Party called Megan’s allegations shocking and called for serious consideration of the allegations and a full investigation.

(London) The explosive interview between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan shocked the UK. It is reported that Buckingham Palace held a crisis meeting for this purpose. There have also been calls in British politics to investigate Meghan’s allegations of racial discrimination.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), after the Harry and Mrs. Winfrey’s interview program was broadcast in the United States on Sunday (March 7), Buckingham Palace held a crisis meeting with attendees including senior royals, but did not immediately make it. Response. The report pointed out that it is increasingly difficult for the royal family to remain silent, but at the same time “do not want to be forced to speak hastily.”

British Prime Minister Johnson declined to comment on the interview on Monday, saying only that he has always held the highest respect for the Queen of England. When asked if he believed that there was racism in the royal family, he replied: “On matters related to the royal family, keeping silent is the prime minister’s correct response.”

However, the largest opposition Labour Party called Megan’s allegations shocking and called for a serious investigation of the allegations and a full investigation.

The White House spokesperson Psaki praised Meghan for being courageous in disclosing his mental health, but declined to comment on the content of the interview. He also emphasized the close relationship between the United States and Britain, saying that “this relationship will continue.”

Harry and Meghan talked about the journey of leaving the royal family during their interview. Megan blew himself up after marrying into the royal family and was very depressed, and even wanted to commit suicide at one time, but the royal family ignored her mental health problems. She also said that when she was pregnant with her son Archie, the royal family had expressed concerns about how dark his skin would be. The couple did not name anyone, but Winfrey quoted Harry as saying on Monday that neither the Queen of England nor her husband, Prince Philip, participated in the discussion.

Harry also stated that he was disappointed by the lack of support from his family, saying that his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William, are still “trapped” by the royal system.

The British Independent Television (ITV) aired the talk show on Monday, attracting more than 11 million people to watch it. The person in charge of the royal news of the TV station described the Harry and his wife as using a B-52 bomber to drop blockbusters one after another at Buckingham Palace.

The anti-monarchy organization Republic said that the interview showed that the British royal family is facing the biggest crisis since Edward VIII abdicated in 1936 to marry the divorced American celebrity, Simpson.

“The Times” commented that the British monarchy has maintained for hundreds of years. The key lies in its ability to adapt to the needs of the times. Now it “must adapt again” to the new era.

British people have divided opinions on the Harry and his wife’s interview. Some people praised the two for discussing mental health and racial discrimination. However, the interview also caused criticism when Prince Philip had just had an operation on a heart problem and was recuperating in the hospital. .

According to a quick survey of 2111 British adults conducted by the polling agency YouGov, 47% of them thought the interview was “inappropriate”, and about 21% expressed support for the Harrys.

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