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Feeling sad for Harry and his wife’s encounter, Queen of England promises to take allegations of royal racial discrimination seriously

Harry and his wife’s interview with Winfrey, the famous mouthpiece, was broadcast on Sunday, exposing racial issues and the secrets of the royal family. The Queen of England issued a brief statement through Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, stating that family members are saddened by the challenges Harry and Meghan have faced in the past few years, and although some memories may differ, “but we take it very seriously, and the family will handle these in private. problem”.

(London) The recent interviews between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan caused an uproar. Queen Elizabeth II broke her silence the day before yesterday, expressing sadness for what happened to Harry and his wife and promised to take the royal family members seriously. Allegations of racial discrimination.

The Queen of England issued a brief statement through Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, saying: “Family members are saddened by the challenges Harry and Meghan have faced in the past few years. The issues raised by (the Harrys), especially the issue of race, are of concern. Although a certain There may be discrepancies in these memories, but we take them very seriously, and the family will deal with these issues privately.”

The statement emphasized that the Harrys and their son Archie will always be well-loved family members.

CBS broadcasted a show on Sunday night that Harry and his wife were interviewed by the famous Winfrey. Megan, who has black descent, mentioned in the interview that she had been suicidal after marrying into the British royal family; she also revealed During her pregnancy, there were members of the royal family who worried that the child might have a dark complexion.

The show attracted 49 million viewers around the world, and the racial issues mentioned by Megan and the secrets of the royal family were like throwing a shocking bullet in British society, causing an uproar from all walks of life. It also caused Buckingham Palace to fall into Harry’s mother Diana since 1997 Since the death of the princess in a car accident, the most difficult public relations crisis.

Harry’s father, Prince Charles, the British Crown Prince, did not respond to the matter when he was inquired in public a few days ago; Prime Minister Johnson also declined to comment.

According to a royal source, Buckingham Palace considers this to be a domestic affair, and the outside world should give the royal family the opportunity to discuss and handle related issues in private.

Meghan’s father, Markle, defended the British royal family in an interview with the British Independent Television (ITV), thinking that the issue of Meghan’s son’s skin color was a “big fuss”.

He said that the royal family members were worried about the baby’s dark complexion before the baby was born. It may be “purely someone asked a stupid question, not racism.”

However, Markle and Meghan have never been close to each other. After Meghan married into the royal family, Markle publicly criticized his daughter many times.

Poll: Most young people support the Harry couple
After Harry and Meghan’s interview was broadcast on British television on Monday, British polling agency YouGov immediately launched a survey. Among the 4656 respondents, about one-third or 32% believed that the two were treated unfairly. The majority of those holding this opinion are young people. At the same time, nearly one-third of the people hold the opposite position, and most of them are elderly people.

This incident also reflects the bipolar views of British society towards the royal family; those who agree with the Harrys believe that their experience shows that the royal family is pedantic and lacking tolerance, while those who disagree believe that the Harrys have unprovoked attacks on the Queen and other members of the royal family out of selfishness. .

Many people believe that there are always racial problems in the UK, so they are not surprised by Meghan’s remarks, saying that Meghan just exposed the problem of being swept under the carpet.

A mixed-race London citizen said: “I am very happy that someone has told the truth. I think this is a long process.”

Smith, the leader of the British anti-monarchy organization, said the accusations of Harry and Meghan showed the degree of corruption in the royal family. “Now people can see more clearly what the monarchy looks like… it doesn’t look good.”

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