the light of hope

A little bit of wisdom: the light of hope

“Everything in the world is connected, no one person or thing can exist alone…”

Two blind men, young and old, depending on each other for their lives. They make a living by playing the piano on the street every day. However, many people come for the old blind man’s superb piano art, and the little blind man is just a foil. One day, the old blind man fell ill. Knowing that he would pass away soon, he called the little blind man to the bedside, took the little blind man’s hand, and said with difficulty, “I have a secret recipe here. This secret recipe can help you get it in the future. See the light! I hid it in the piano case, but you must remember that you must break a thousand strings before you can take it out, otherwise, you will not see the light.” The little blind man agreed with tears, and the old blind man left with a smile.

Day after day, the little blind man kept his master’s will in mind, and kept playing, keeping the broken strings in his heart. When he broke the thousandth string, the little blind man who could not help but be in his twilight years became a vicissitude of life old man, but his piano art was also exquisite. He couldn’t hold back his inner joy, slowly opened the piano case and took out the secret recipe.

However, others told him that it was just a blank sheet of paper with nothing on it! But the little blind man looked at the blank paper, and his tears fell on the paper, but he smiled. He suddenly understood Master’s intentions. Although it was just a piece of white paper, he could only understand the true meaning of this wordless secret formula only after playing a thousand strings from childhood to old age!


We have to constantly reflect and review ourselves. When we get along with others in the world, what are the benefits to others? Do our actions, words, and actions make others hurt or wronged? If so, aren’t we wicked? So we can give with words, give with hearts, give with smiles, and practice these effortless and cost-free practices in our lives.

No matter where we go, no matter the age of the people we meet, we should be happy to get close, because everyone deserves our sincere greetings and make them happy. We can make a wish to spread joy in the world, hoping that everyone around us can understand that this is a happy world, this is a hopeful world! We want everyone to be full of hope for the future. Although it may not be realized, it is already very wealthy to have hope.


In life, some people do things like “sweeping the door”, and others’ worries and sufferings have nothing to do with them. In fact, such people are “no light people.” People, if there is no light to let go, it is like a “black patent leather lantern”, the heart light is not bright, does it have the meaning of life? Therefore, we must always pay attention to where is our “light”? Can our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body shine? Especially can our hearts shine? If we can light up the light in our hearts, and also illuminate everyone’s true self and fearlessness of frustration, so that the light of heart will not be extinguished, then it will be a warm world.

When there is a need for “I” between people, we should grasp the causes and conditions and pay nothing. This is an altruistic and conscious process; all things in the world are connected and connected. No one person and one thing can exist alone, and everything depends on each other. Hold up the light of hope, for others, but also for yourself.

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