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10 ways to activate the brain in 10 minutes

Neuroscientists point out that, starting at the age of 40, the average brain volume decreases by 5% every 10 years. If you want to slow down the decline, start by changing your diet and lifestyle habits. Here are 10 ways to activate your brain in 10 minutes:

Go quickly

Exercising for a short period of time can increase blood flow to the brain, improve creativity, and generate new ideas. If on the way to work, you feel that your brain is not working well, and there is an important meeting later, in order to have a good performance, you can walk quickly in the office.

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Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only rich in minerals but also phytochemicals such as flavonoids. Flavonoids can eliminate free radicals and promote oxygen supply and blood flow to the brain. Studies have found that eating dark chocolate 2 hours before can increase memory and reaction speed. But only in dark chocolate, and “the cocoa content is higher than 70%, and white chocolate, milk chocolate has almost no flavonoids,” Willemre said in an interview.

Sit upright and stretch your back muscles

Just keeping your chest out and stretching your neck and back muscles increases blood flow to your brain. And a good posture can also bring confidence.

Brain surgeon and neuroscientist Dr. Rahul Jandial also told CNBC that “the brain should be on a straight body.” When people stand or walk, the brain produces a protein called a brain-derived neuron. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDFF), promotes the growth of this muscle in the brain.

Use your left hand

Just a little practice like writing with the left hand can take the brain out of its comfort zone, connect old neurons, and grow new ones. For people who type frequently or use their mobile phones, writing with pen and paper can also stimulate the brain.

Dr. Jandir also recommends using the left hand more. He describes the brain as a garden that must be irrigated and stimulated, taking care of every corner, especially the neglected ones. For example, on the left hand, when you don’t use it or rarely use it, the motor cortex will tell the right parietal lobe that it’s less used and can be weakened. His suggestion is simpler, hold the phone with the left hand, or press the mouse with the left hand, etc.

Eat a bowl of blueberries

Want to regenerate neurons? Eat more blueberries. Blueberries have flavonoids and polyphenols that promote the synthesis of neurons.

Learn new words every day

Increasing vocabulary can improve cognitive function and intelligence, and continue to add neurons in the hippocampus. There are many mobile apps to increase vocabulary, you can choose the download you like.

Rehearse the whole day in your mind

In the morning, think about the whole day’s itinerary and work like watching a movie. This method can not only settle the mind and reduce stress but also make life and work more positive. Many business owners and professional sports players use this tactic before important events and practice it every day to become a habit.

Vent for 10 minutes

Stay in a room with no TV or mobile phone, no ding-dong of messages, and no noise from TV programs. Stay away from distractions and stress caused by these sounds. It doesn’t matter if you close or open your eyes, and sit quietly for 10 minutes. , This exercise can calm the sympathetic nerves. If you practice in the morning, it will be easier to control your mind and emotions throughout the day.

Eliminate stress with fragrance

When used at home or in the office, essential oils can reduce stress, calm the sympathetic nervous system, alter brain waves, and even improve cognitive function. Lavender oil reduces stress, bergamot increases energy, and frankincense oil boosts oxygen supply to the brain.

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Be thankful for one thing every day

Ichiro Iwasaki, a Japanese doctor of brain science, believes that as long as you are grateful, you can bring about positive changes in the brain. People who are still grateful in a difficult life can establish a grateful brain circuit.

Write down a thank you thing and stick it on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator door, or next to your computer. Anyway, it’s a place you see many times a day. This little reminder will relieve stress and boost your mood.

These little things are good for the brain, and as Willemear reminds, don’t throw your brain away, because you’ll use it for the rest of your life.

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